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What Is Trichology?

Trichology is the scientific approach to scalp and hair shaft disorders. It originated in London in 1860 and became a scientific paramedical discipline about the study of diseases of the scalp and hair as well as assessing the causes and treatments of certain diseases and disorders. 


What is a Trichological Analysis?

A non-invasive, painless procedure that is performed using a scope to produce clear polarized and magnified images of the scalp's skin and hair shafts. A Trichological Analysis can be helpful in determining the cause for a dry itchy scalp, baldness and hair thinning. 


Our Certified Trichologist

  • Certified Trichologist
  • A Paramedical Professional
  • Certified Hair Coach
  • Master Cosmetologist
  • Certified Sisterlocks Consultant

Lori brings 28 years of experience to Strandz Trichological Clinic. As a clinical Trichologist, Lori is passionate about educating as many as she can on the importance of scalp health and preventative maintenance.


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